As a business leader, I have experienced firsthand the costly and unnecessary regulations that prevent businesses from developing and functioning effectively in our state. The effects of these regulations touch every Ohioan, as they lead to fewer jobs and higher prices.

I have several years of experience successfully fighting against these unnecessary business regulations. As a member of the governor’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI), I have been a leading voice in ensuring that more than 7,000 business and industry regulations have been repealed or improved in the past 7 years.

Here in Northeast Ohio, I have focused on improving our regulatory environment as a board member of the Council on Small Enterprises (COSE), as well as the National Small Business Association (NSBA). I have testified in both Columbus and Washington on the negative effects of regulatory overreach.

As your state representative for House District 6, I will continue this fight to improve the regulatory environment for Northeast Ohio and the state.

Ohio needs a stronger statewide focus on workforce training and development programs. We simply have not kept up with the needs of today’s economy. Businesses wanting to grow locally are unable because they can’t find enough qualified workers. So they ship their jobs elsewhere, and our children end up leaving to find work in other states.

Ohio needs to reintroduce and expand the trade and vocational programs back into our high schools. Not everyone needs or wants a 4-year degree. We need to emphasize larger and stronger vocational workforce development programs in our trade and 2-year colleges, and we need to strengthen the Workforce Training Grants Program.

I have a long history of creating jobs and growing companies in the private sector, and I know that with the right policies, Ohio will not only compete in the global economy, but thrive.

My family has had personal, tragic experience with drug addiction. Whether it be prescription opioids or heroin, the personal loss, the economic loss, the shattered dreams, and the tragic effect on families and communities has been felt in every community throughout the state.

In 2016, 4,000 Ohioans died due to opioids, with 28 percent of those deaths occurring in Northeast Ohio. This issue must be addressed aggressively and effectively on multiple fronts.

This means changing the culture of over-prescribing painkillers, a further investment and emphasis on opioid education, and partnering better with law enforcement to keep these drugs off the street.

We need to strengthen those programs that help those looking to break their cycle of addiction, and we need to enforce harsh penalties for opioid dealers and traffickers.

I believe that trust is the foundation of every institution we hold dear. Now more than ever we need elected officials who take the public trust seriously and who carry themselves with the highest levels of integrity, irrespective of party affiliation. Without this, we will continue to see good government undermined.

As a father, business leader, and former public official, I constantly strive to hold myself to the highest of standards, and I expect others in positions of leadership to do the same. Tomorrow’s leaders are watching, and as my daughter prepares to enter the workforce, I want her to look at public and private sector leadership as a worthwhile endeavor. I want high ethical standards in all she does to be something that she and her peers strive to achieve, not work to avoid.

If elected to the statehouse, I will hold myself to these standards, and I will ensure that taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and for the greatest benefit of the residents of House District 6 and Ohio. And I will not hesitate to call for investigations into any breaches of ethical and professional conduct regardless of party or position. That has been my past, and that will be my future.