Enough Is Enough

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You know the political game where you tell voters one thing and do another? Well, I‘m sorry to say it’s being played yet again.

A little more than a month ago, Jim Trakas was reelected to Independence city council. However, the entire time he was telling voters that he wanted to continue to represent their interests on city council, he was telling others outside of Independence – specifically, donors – that he was running for HD6 instead.

Councilman Trakas hasn’t even been sworn in to begin his new term. Yet, it is clear to me that he has no intention of doing the job that he told the voters of Independence he was committed to doing.

He has said one thing, and yet he is doing another. The city of Independence deserves better.

I consider Jim Trakas a friend. I am a proud Republican. I firmly believe that my party’s ideas are best for our state and best for our country. However, this is the type of self-serving behavior that benefits no one; not our party, not House District 6, and certainly not our great state.

I am running to represent House District 6 because I want to use the lessons I learned as a leader in the private sector to help shape policies that lead to a healthier and thriving Ohio economy.  And if you were to look into my past, you will find nothing but a commitment to local job creation, and a history of honesty and integrity.

However, I am also running for office to send a message to young people like my daughter. That message is that public service is just that: service. But it is service for the greater good, not the service of oneself.

Jim Trakas should keep his word to the voters of Independence and do the job is said he was going to do.  Enough is enough.

Michael Canty

Contact: press@cantyforohio.org