Republican Party of Cuyahoga County
Ohio Manufacturers’ Association
Cement Masons’ Local Union No. 404
Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union No. 33
United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 880
Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers

Current and Former Elected Officials

The Honorable David Yost, Ohio State Auditor
The Honorable Ryan Smith, Ohio State Representative
The Honorable Sarah LaTourette, Ohio State Representative
The Honorable Gary Gottschalk, Mayor of Village of Oakwood
The Honorable Richard Hollington, Mayor of Hunting Valley
The Honorable Jack Schron, Cuyahoga County Council
The Honorable Carl Asseff MD, JD, MBA, Independence City Council, Retired Navy Captain
The Honorable Louis Carouse, Brecksville City Council
The Honorable Janis Evans, Chagrin Falls Council
The Honorable John Finley, Chagrin Falls Township Trustee
The Honorable Doug Magill, Solon Council
The Honorable Ryan Rubin, Bentleyville Council
The Honorable Michael D. Dovilla, Former Ohio State Representative
The Honorable Grace Drake, Former Ohio State Senator
The Honorable Bruce Akers, Former Mayor of Pepper Pike
The Honorable Lydia Champlin, Former Mayor of Chagrin Falls
The Honorable Tom Coyne, Former Mayor of Brook Park
The Honorable John Scott, Former Solon Council

Business Professionals

Mr. Mikhail Alterman, Businessman
Mr. Donald Anderson, Businessman
Mr. Bob Arth, Businessman
Mr. Peter Balunek, Businessman
Mr. Stacy Bauer, Attorney
Mr. Jack Boyle, Businessman
Ms. Kim Cahuas, Businesswoman
Ms. Katherine Callahan, Notre Dame College
Mr. Walter Chapman, Businessman
Mr. Ash Chawla, Businessman
Mr. Bill Conway, Businessman
Mr. Peter Corrigan, Businessman
Mr. Timothy Cosgrove, Attorney
Mr. Ralph Criswell, Businessman
Mr. Richard Cyngier, Businessman
Mr. Terry Doyle, Businessman
Ms. Sherry Epstein, Businesswoman
Mr. Daniel Fedeli, Businessman
Mr. Mark Filippell, Businessman
Mr. John Gadd, Businessman
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Golic
Mrs. Claudia Gordon, Businesswoman
Mr. Michael Gordon, Businessman
Ms. Karen Greco, Businesswoman
Mr. Travis Grundke, Businessman
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Haber, Bus. Owner, Chr of RPCC Finance Com
Mr. Peter Hamel, Businessman
Mr. James Harmon, Businessman
Mrs. Diane Helbig, Businesswoman
Mr. David Heller, Businessman
Mr. David Horowitz, Businessman
Mr. Sam Horowitz, Businessman
Ms. Gennifer Hurtt, Businesswoman
Mr. Kevin Johnson, Businessman
Ms. Laverne Jones-Gore, Businesswoman
Mr. Thomas J. Jonozzo, Businessman
Mr. Jim Kandrac, Businessman
Mr. Dan Kasper, Businessman
Mr. Thomas Kelly, Salem Radio
Mr. Jerry Kelsheimer, Businessman
Mr. Harry Kendie, Businessman
Mr. Jeffrey Kennedy, Businessman
Mrs. Debbie Kuhn, Businesswoman
Mr. Mel Kurtz, Businessman
Mr. Jamie Lawrence, Businessman
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lichtcsien, Businessman
Mr. Chris Littleton, Businessman
Mr. Ken Marvar, Businessman
Mr. Tom McKee, Attorney, Chairman, Calfee Halter
Mr. Christopher McNulty, Businessman
Mr. Jeffrey Moeller, Attorney
Mr. Bernie Moreno, Past Finance Chair, Businessman
Mrs. Jane Norton, Businesswoman
Mr. Ed Oliveros, Businessman
Ms. Mary O’Malley, Businesswoman
Mr. Timothy Opsitnick, Businessman
Mr. Richard Pogue, Past Finance Chair, Businessman
Ms. Stacy Polk, Businesswoman
Mr. and Mr. Ron Pollock, Businessman
Ms. Mary Ann Ponce, Businesswoman
Mr. Michael Powall, Businessman
Mr. Chris Pugliese, Businessman
Mr. Steve Putt, Businessman
Mr. Roger Riachi, Businessman
Mrs. Claire Rosacco, Businesswoman
Mr. Dustin Russell, Businessman
Mr. Eli Santiago, Businessman
Mr. Britton Shroyer, Businessman
Mrs. Patricia Shroyer, Businesswoman
Mr. Mike Stanek, Businessman
Mr. Taylor Stepp, Aide to Ryan Smith
Mr. Roger Sustar, Businessman
Mr. Taras Szmagala, Businessman
Ms. Dixie Touzalin, Realtor
Ms. Carolee Upshur, Businesswoman
Mr. Joe Vinciquerra, MAGNET
Mr. Besse Vrettos, Businessman
Mr. Timothy Warner, Attorney
Mr. James Wert, Past Finance Chair, Businessman
Mr. David Williams, Businessman


Mrs. Betty Dechert
Mrs. Marilyn Matia
Mr. Clyde Ostberg
Ms. Pam Wurster
Ms. Barbara Amper
Mr. Christopher Whipple