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Dedicated to Northeast Ohio, Michael Canty is a small business owner and community leader. For over 30 years, Michael has been creating family-sustaining jobs and fighting to ensure that Ohio continues to be a place where families want to live and work. Now Michael wants to take that experience to Columbus where he can create policies that deliver real results for our local communities.

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Regulatory Reform

I have experienced firsthand the costly and unnecessary regulations that prevent businesses from developing and functioning effectively in our state. The effects of these regulations touch every Ohioan, as they lead to fewer jobs and higher prices.

Workforce Development

Businesses wanting to grow locally are unable because they can’t find enough qualified workers. So they ship their jobs elsewhere, and our children end up leaving to find work in other states.


I believe that trust is the foundation of every institution we hold dear. Now more than ever we need elected officials who take the public trust seriously and who carry themselves with the highest levels of integrity, irrespective of party affiliation. Without this, we will continue to see good government undermined.

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